A well-woman visit provides an excellent opportunity to counsel pregnant patients about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and minimizing health risks. (ACOG)

Reproductive Planning and Pregnancy Counseling

By providing holistic early wellness visits to our patients with a pregnancy confirmed at the Bridge Wellness South, our patients receive the evidence-based information they need to make decisions about pregnancy and pregnancy-related health concerns.

The women’s wellness visit provides selected preventive health services, such as breast and pelvic exams.  This is a vital part of engaging patients in shared decision-making and encouraging healthy behaviors.

Important Information to Consider:

Even with no symptoms, you can pass sexually transmitted infections to your sex partners. It’s important to be tested at least once a year and before you have sex with a new partner. Although someone may look and feel healthy, that doesn’t mean they’re infection-free. After an initial assessment with a Nurse Practitioner, if applicable, you may receive STI testing during a wellness visit.

We Can Help

We offer confidential women’s health appointments.  Plus, we offer resources and information to create positive solutions to the issues you’re facing, all in a compassionate, non-judgmental setting.

Wellness Visits are scheduled after initial pregnancy confirmation at the Bridge Wellness South.  For more information please call 770-957-8288.